Simple Schedule for House Cleaning

Planning out how to clean a house gets tiring after a while. There are so many things you need to remember to do if you want your house to be in good condition all year long.

Lucky for you, I’ve drawn up a schedule of my own that works perfectly for me. I’ve separated the schedule into three parts based on how frequently those things need to be done. Read on to learn my secrets to stress-free, scheduled house cleaning!

Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

  • Vacuum and Mop – You must clean the floors of your home every week as they contribute a large amount to the dust and germs in your home.
  • Bathroom Cleanup – You can clean the bathrooms all at once or a bit each day. You need to clean the toilet, shower/bath, sink(s), and mirror every week. As long as all those things get cleaned once a week, it’s up to you what you clean on each given day of the week. I’d recommend you clean out the drains at some point as well. You don’t want those to clog up with hair and dirt!
  • Wash out any rubbish bins – You can still throw out your rubbish as the bag gets close to full, but the bin itself will start to smell after a week or so. Give it a good wash outside and leave it to dry before you bring it back inside.

Monthly House Cleaning Schedule

  • Clean Appliances – Cleaning up your kitchen appliances can take some doing so try to spread them out over the month. If you only need to clean one appliance each week, then it won’t seem like such a big task.
  • Check, and Dust Fixtures – Things such as light fixtures, smoke and burger alarms, and so on tend to get dusty and may stop working properly at times. Make sure to check them at least once a month if not more often, giving them a dust down as you do so.
  • Mow the Lawn – If you have a lawn, you should mow it every month so that the grass doesn’t get too long. If you have plants of any kind around the house be sure to prune them once a month as well, along with daily watering.

Yearly House Cleaning Schedule

  • Spring Cleaning Time – If you aren’t the type of person who likes organizing and arranging their house every week, aim to set aside one day each year to go through your entire house. Anything you haven’t used since the last time you did this, give it away to someone who may need it. (Or dispose of it in an environmental fashion)
  • House Maintenance Check – Get a professional in to inspect your home and make sure there isn’t any serious issue going on that you weren’t aware of. Home care is vitally important so it’s worth spending a little cash to make sure you won’t have to pay tons for repairs in the future.

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