Converting Your Automotive Air Conditioner

If you have an older car it may have R12 cooling agent airborne conditioner system. You can still purchase R12, but it is extremely expensive. If you are ready to convert your system to R134, right here is a short explanation of the treatment with a few expert tips to help you. To start you will need a conversion set with all the required products.

It will certainly consist of 2 new adapter fittings, 2 -3 cans of R-134, and a hose pipe with an adapter. When you have all the materials, you can start the process. The first thing you have to do is have the R12 recouped with a refrigerant recuperation machine. (It is unlawful to just open the shutoff and weep airborne.) Since the air conditioning system has no pressure, it is time to install the new valve set.

At this point, some people freeze up (no pun planned) because they hesitate of mixing up the adapters on the high and low-pressure ends. Don’t fret, they are different sizes. The bigger one goes on the low-stress side of the system as well as the cooling agent tube will just connect to the low-side valve. It is pretty hard to mess this up.

Since the adapter shutoffs are linked, it is time to start the vehicle and put the ac unit over. Turn the blower fan to its highest possible setup as well and also open the home windows. Get hold of a can of R134 and attach the pipe as well as the T valve that came with your package. With the pipe hooked up to the can start to turn the T valve until it pierces the can. Then open the shutoff to let some freon out and purge the air in the line.

Turn the can upside-down and also hook it up to the low-side adapter shutoff. Now slowly open up the shutoff and also allow the Freon to flow into the system. At this moment the compressor will certainly begin to cycle on and off. Do not panic, this is regular. Keep including Freon up until the system starts to cool. You can really feel the reduced pressure line begin to obtain cool and also condensation will gather on it. (Do not get hold of the high-pressure line.

It can shed you.) You possibly will not require all 3 canisters and beware not to overfill the system. If the air conditioning system is still not cooling after the second can, something is wrong. You may have a leak in the system or some other trouble.

Do not be attracted to keep pumping Freon in the lines. If the low side line is cool and also leaking with wetness you are done. If you have an air conditioning manifold gauge collection, the reduced side must have a pressure of 40 – 50 psi. Visit Dove Park Southlake if you need more information or have any questions about air conditioning.

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